By Devon Bumm

At La Chelé Medical Aesthetics, we take pride in our complete non-surgical approach. With PDO Threads, our Master Injectors are able to give you that lifted look without the surgery, scars or downtime. PDO stands for Polydioxone. Each thread is a molded helical barb used to aid in support and placement. These synthetic bio absorbable sutures are the same sutures that are used in cardiothoracic surgery, and are incredibly safe.

As the PDO Threads are dissolvable, your own collagen is built in the area over 4-6 months post treatment. To make you as comfortable as possible, your provider will inject lidocaine in the area of treatment. The feeling of pressure during treatment is normal, and the tightness following will relax in a few days. Tenderness, swelling and bruising in the area is normal, and can last for up to two weeks. The amount of threads necessary depends on your desired results as well as our provider’s recommendations.

Are you interested in a more youthful appearance? Give us a call at 215-862-6100. We would love to offer you a complimentary consultation where one of our Medical Providers will determine if you are a good candidate, with the potential to treat same day.

We look forward to assisting you in achieving a more youthful appearance!