By: Dana Castelli, RN, BSN

Do you find yourself staring in the mirror and noticing the less-than-desirable indents in your buttocks and thighs? Well, here at La Chelé, we strive to help you look and feel your best. We currently offer two top-notch treatments for cellulite here at La Chelé: Avéli and QWO. Wondering what’s best for you? We’ll break down the differences between the two!

What is Avéli?
Avéli is a minimally invasive, FDA-cleared, one-time, one hour treatment for cellulite on the buttock, lateral thighs and posterior thighs. During the procedure, our Medical Provider will slide a handheld device beneath the skin to mechanically cut the septa, or connective-tissue bands, that pull down on the skin’s surface, contributing to dimples.


How Many Treatments Will I Need?
If you are a good candidate for Avéli, it will be a one-time treatment.

What Should I Expect During my Avéli Treatment?
Prior to treating with Avéli, your Medical Provider will inject lidocaine in to the area of treatment to numb it. The initial numbing may feel slightly uncomfortable, but this is required to make sure the treatment is comfortable afterward. Once treatment area is numb, the provider will start the treatment. Typical treatment time takes anywhere from 60-90 minutes start to finish.

Post-Treatment Care
Immediately after Avéli, the Medical Provider will instruct you to put your compression garment on. Thee compression garments can be tight stretch pants(like Lululemon), Spanx, or professional compression. Bruising is common to also see for several weeks. In the first few days it is also common to have some clear or light pink leaky fluid (residual numbing agent). This is all to be expected and will subside. Compression is advised to be worn as much as possible for up to two weeks.

Can I work out after the treatment?
Patients should refrain from intense lower body exercise for 1-2 weeks post-Avéli treatment. Working out upper body, or walking is all acceptable during the healing time. Mild exercise is fine within a few days post treatment, but we always advise to listen to your body!

What is the Downtime?
Downtime is expected with both treatments. After Avéli, you can expect to be tender, sore, swollen, and bruised. Compression during this healing time will be very beneficial to help speed up the recovery. Oral and topical Arnica, along with Bromelain (fresh pineapple )can help aid in minimizing swelling and bruising. It can take up to 30 days for healing.

When Can I Expect Results?
Results will vary from person to person depending on your starting baseline and lifestyle. Post- Avéli, you will schedule a 90 day follow up with your Medical Provider to review before and after photos. We do also love 30 day photos, if you are nearby to any of our La Chelé facilities.

What is QWO?
QWO is the first and only FDA-approved collagenase enzyme injectable treatment for moderate cellulite in the buttocks of adult women, done in a series of three treatments.



How Many Treatments Will I Need?
If you are a candidate for QWO, you will undergo a series of 3 treatments spaced 21 days apart.

What Should I Expect During my QWO Treatment?
The treatment of QWO is a quicker procedure time than the treatment time of Avéli. The Provider will inject the enzyme directly into each dimple with minimum to no pain at all. This treatment takes roughly 30 minutes. You will come back in 21 days to repeat treatment.

Post-Treatment Care
After your QWO injection, your Provider will have you lay flat for 5 full minutes. No compression is needed, although many feel that it is comforting for a few days to wear some mild compression.

Can I Work Out Post-Treatment?
Clients treating with QWO can work out the next day. It is advised to allow for 24 hours without exercise post-treatment.

Is there Downtime?
Post-QWO treatment, you can expect to start seeing bruising appear at treatment site within 12 hours. You may be tender, sore, and nodules could appear. Healing time typically takes up to 2 weeks, sometimes 3 for residual bruising. The bruising can sometimes be very intense, so be prepared.

When Can I Expect Results?
After QWO, we ask to evaluate your results 6 weeks after your last treatment. Patients who eat healthy, drink water and exercise will show better results at their follow-ups.

How much is Avéli or Qwo?

Avéli can typically run anywhere from $3500-5000 depending on what region of the United States, the consumable, how many dimples, and the physicians time. Qwo can typically run anywhere from $2400-4000 once again depending on

So, which will it be? Avéli or Qwo?
When deciding which treatment is best for you, we advise you to meet with one of our Medical Providers for a complimentary consultation. At this time, you and your Provider will assess together which treatment is right for you. If you have less than 5 dimples, we might advise treating them with QWO as would be more cost effective . If you have moderate to severe cellulite with multiple dimples ( 10-20+), we usually advise Avéli. Often times, clients perceive that they have cellulite, but its actually skin laxity. This is important because neither Qwo or Avéli treatment will work on laxity. This skin condition is most effectively treated with the Morpheus8 Body treatment which is the best in class device for body skin laxity!

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