Patient Guidance on COVID-19

Many of you have received care from the team of La Chelé Medical Aesthetics for the past 15 years. All of us at La Chelé are excited about the light at the end of the viral tunnel, and our ability to care for you again. We know that you have a lot of questions and concerns with respect to the COVID-19 coronavirus, and we want to share with you what La Chelé Medical Aesthetics is doing to help keep all of us healthy, safe and comfortable when you are in the office with us. While closed we have made many operational and safety improvements, invested in staff training, education and launching new practice initiatives including immune boosting, nutrient/vitamin products and wellness innovation. We have also resumed construction of our Newtown location that will launch later this summer.

We will continue to closely monitor guidance from Federal, State and Local governments on safely reopening the practice. We are following the guidance to healthcare providers released by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Patient and employee safety is of paramount importance to us moving forward. Please keep a close eye on our website, Instagram or facebook page as we will make changes there quickly!

Safety procedures you can expect when you arrive at La Chelé:

  • Outdoor front entrance concierge: When you arrive, please check-in with our medical professional concierge at the kiosk located outside the front door. Our concierge will coordinate patient intakes, as patients are not allowed to enter until screened and a procedure room is available.
  • Medical Intake: Temperature checks and symptom screening questionnaire will be performed at the front entrance.
  • CDC defines greater than 100.0 F a fever, and we will not proceed with treatment if you have a fever
  • No waiting rooms: You will be directed immediately to your own private treatment room.
  • Everyone Masked: Patients are required to wear masks to enter the building. Please bring your masks and wear them in.
  • Sterile exam tables: All exam tables are covered in plastic with disposable bed covers that will be changed between patients.
  • Sterile exam rooms: Rooms will be thoroughly sterilized in between patients.
  • Hand washing & Hand Sanitizers: is important to staff and patients and we have three restrooms and multiple hand sanitizers stations available throughout the office.
  • Protective gear: All of our staff will be wearing protective masks varying between N95, KN95, copper and surgical, along with eye shields- (so don’t make fun of us if we look silly)
  • Staff medical evaluations: All staff will be medical evaluated before shifts and sent home if any symptoms.
  • Social distance: Staff will follow social distancing protocols (no handshakes, contact only for exam and procedures).
  • Multiple check-out locations: There will be more checkout locations with social distancing established in the office to reduce congestion and wait times.
  • Non tolerance illness policy: For the safety of our patients and staff, any patient/person experiencing symptoms will not be permitted into our building.
  • UVC and Microsure Protect: Our facility has a UVC sterilization device and is fumigated and sterilized with a proprietary technology that ensures additional sterility.
  • Here is what we ask prior to your visit

  • Bring and wear a mask upon arriving for your visit
  • PLEASE come with no makeup and with a clean face
  • Leave your purse, jackets and any personal bags in your car other than necessities
  • Do not bring children or guests to your appointment.
  • Try to call prior to your visit and have your credit card saved to your file. This will save you time at check out.
  • Have your Brilliant Distinctions app uploaded to your phone so that we can save you money!
  • Create a skin care shopping list prior to your visit. One of our patient care coordinators will collect your products and have them ready at checkout.
  • Reschedule your appointment if you are ill or experiencing any symptoms
  • You can continue to purchase skincare and supplements through our website or call us to purchase directly with Drive-By Beauty for contactless pick-up at out office
  • We hope these new protocols are temporary, but important for us to ensure the safety of our beloved patients and employees. This crisis has revealed a great deal about who we are as people and we are moved by your continued resilience and resolve. We look forward to providing services to our La Chelé family again soon!

    Stay safe and be well,

    Team at La Chelé Medical Aesthetics