Exilis Ultra 360

Exilis Ultra 360 is an energy based approach to skin rejuvenation combining radio-frequency and ultrasound in a single aesthetic platform offered in our Newtown and New Hope, PA locations.  This breakthrough technique of skin tightening is the fastest and most advanced non-invasive device that can be used to tighten and shape any area of the skin including the face, neck, ankles, chest, lips, arms, legs, abdomen, hands, eyes, and buttocks without surgery. Vaginal rejuvenation is on the menu too, coming soon!

How does it work?

The Exilis Ultra 360 body uses both radio-frequency and ultrasound energy to address a variety of cosmetic issues and works on more body areas that any other device in its class. Controlled heating and cooling ensures optimal therapeutic temperatures to be delivered to the targeted tissues at all times. Exilis Ultra 360 is “colorblind” and can be used on any skin type year-round. Patients report little to no discomfort and love that they can get treated and resume all regular activities post therapy including exercise. This treatment is very fast and only takes about 10 minutes – the perfect lunch break procedure!  

Exilis Ultra 360 is FDA-approved for treating rhytides and cellulite reduction. Using the Exilis for cellulite reduction is a fabulous choice for those who don’t want an invasive procedure. The Exilis Ultra 360 is extraordinarily effective with its multipurpose efficacy.


Radio-frequency (RF) based energy has been scientifically verified to improve skin laxity and anti-aging effects by increasing dermal collagen and elastin fibers. RF energy penetrates deep into the skin to affect the deeper epidermis and subcutaneous fat layers. The result is tightening of the skin and a significant improvement in the structure of underlying tissue without damage to the skin texture. Radio-frequency technology can be used on the face, neck and body to tighten and shape the skin. This technique is especially effective for the reduction of under-eye wrinkles. 


Patients can achieve a noticeable result after a single treatment. The number of treatment sessions depends on various factors including: treatment area, skin laxity and patient compliance. On average, patients may require 3-6 treatments to achieve desired results. An estimated 75% of patients that undergo a single Exilis Ultra 360 Laser procedure end up doing at least one other body area because they are so pleased with their initial treatment –WOW!

Are you a candidate?

Everyone is a candidate! With the exception of those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or uses a pacemaker (radiofrequency energy interferes with it) would be a candidate for this treatment.

Under Arms Before

Under Arms After (4 treatments)

Under Eyes Before

Under Eyes After

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