What are Exosomes?

Growth factors, cytokines, extracellular vesicles, peptides, proteins and hyaluronic acid are all fancy words for tapping into and utilizing naturally occurring nano (tiny) -particles to regenerate “old” cells. These are some of the latest, most impressive materials in the aesthetic industry due to their ability to function as a “messenger” within the body, transferring information from cell to cell for tissue repair & new hair growth!  These growth factors play a pivotal role in youth preservation!Consisting of powerful, pharmaceutical grade growth factors & hyaluronic acid these biologic “age-fighters” may dramatically help improve the quality and texture of many skin types and improve skin conditions such as sun spots and discoloration from sun damage.
Exosomes are the Answer for Hair Loss!
The product we use is a proprietary therapeutic derived from perinatal tissues. This is a rich source of growth factors, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and extracellular vesicles that contain microRNA. It is actually collected from live cesarean section births. By treating hair loss with these molecules, we can reduce inflammation to promote stronger hair follicles and hair growth. 

What Should I Expect?

During the procedure, we inject the exosomes in the areas of hair loss concern, and then the treatment is complete! We appreciate clean hair! It is relatively painless and takes only 15 minutes!
Is there downtime?
Downtime could include minor soreness at the site of injection, but other than that there is virtually no downtime.
What is the Protocol and When will I see Results?
Protocols dictate 2 treatments 90 days apart and for maintenance, 1 treatment yearly. You may notice hair growth within 2-3 month following your treatment. However full hair cycles can take 6-12 months to grow in. We work with several exosome companies to customize your treatment.