J. Marie McCreesh, RN, BSN

J. Marie McCreesh, RN, BSN, is ranked as a top 2% national cosmetic injector of Botox, Dysport and Dermal Fillers as part of the La Chele Medical Injecting team. From a young age, J. Marie had been drawn to aesthetics and began her career as an esthetician and professional make-up artist and was featured in Philly Magazine in 2008. One of her greatest skills in the emerging field of skincare was the ability to enhance her client’s natural features with facial contouring. This great artistic ability expanded J. Marie’s interest into the world of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dermatology.

J. Marie’s desire to take her career to a more advanced level led her to the prestigious Drexel University of Philadelphia. There she earned her BSN in Nursing and her title as a Registered Nurse. Her specialization has advanced further with her travels all over the United States to train under the top injectors and laser specialists in the world. Her mastery of skills and advanced injection techniques led J. Marie to be a perfect addition to work alongside one of the top aesthetic physicians in the nation– Lisa Espinoza, MD.

J. Marie is known for her ability to examine a patient’s facial structure and develop a ‘natural’ aesthetic treatment plan negating the use of surgical procedures. As the industry grows more advanced every day, J. Marie continues to sharpen her expertise by keeping herself educated on all current and futuristic anti-aging methods. Not only has she mastered the art of injecting, J. Marie is highly advanced in cosmetic lasers, body sculpting, and pioneering technology only found at La Chele. In fact, J. Marie and her colleagues are the only medical providers in the country to treat patients with a technology that administers dermal fillers without needles. She has participated in several cutting-edge clinical studies and has earned her title as an Aesthetic Blueprint Certified Injector where she has been trained to measure the face in mathematical PHI proportions.

J Marie prides herself in empowering patients to battle the inevitable aging process and achieve beauty on their own terms. With each individual patient, her goal is to develop a balanced aesthetic treatment plan of injectables, lasers and cosmeceutical solutions to gracefully achieve a softer, natural, more youthful appearance.