La Chelé at a Glance


Viviscal® and Nutrafol®strengthen hair follicles with these proven supplements

Brow & Eyes

Botox® & Dysportsoften upper face and unhappy wrinkles

Ulthera Browtighten and lift the brow

Fillerfor hollowing under the eyes – replace lost volume

Pico Glow Eyes lighten and treat dark under-eye circles 

Fractional Lasersmooth fine lines

Latisse®lengthen and add lash volume

UpneeqOpens low-lying lids


Fillerreplace lost volume and smooth deep lines instantly

PDO Thread Liftlift sagging jowls

Ulthera®lift and tighten muscles in the lower face

CO2 – ultimate anti-aging, skin resurfacing laser 

Profound  – Non-surgical, mini face-lift


Fillerluscious, natural lips, “smoker” lines go up in smoke


BBL Photofacialreduce brown spots, blood vessels and rosacea

Morpheus8Tightens and smoothes skin

HaloTargets texture, fine lines, signs of aging

PicoSure® Focusreduce melasma, fine lines, microscars with a glow!

MicroVita Infusionmicroneedling with specialty infusions

Peelsbrighten skin tone

NeoclearTreat acne from the inside out


Kybella® – fat reduction and double chin reduction

Ulthera®1st and best FDA laser to lift the lower face and neck

Profound Non-surgical, mini face-lift

Botox® & Dysportrelax the platysmal bands

PDO Threadslift sagging skin

Neck Liporemove stubborn fat


CoolSculpting Elite ® – eliminate stubborn fat

Sclerotherapytreats unsightly spider veins

Vein Treatmentsradio frequency for varicose veins

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy – for men and women experiencing hormonal imbalance

LIPO B12 Injectionsfor boosting metabolism, energy and detoxification

ULTRA Femme 360internal and external vaginal rejuvenation

EMSCULPT define your abs, lift your buttocks 

Morpheus8 BodyImprove skin laxity and texture