La Chelé Rapid Results Meal Replacement Program

The Lifestyle Medical Weight Loss Center at La Chelé is designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals.  Under the instruction and supervision of our double-board certified Endocrinology and Bariatric (Medical Weight Loss) Physician Dr. Erin Saltzman, we will work with you to successfully lose weight, and maintain your goal weight.

In addition to our personalized prescription medical modalities, exercise and diet plans, we offer a Rapid Results Meal Replacement Program.  Getting ready for the summer or an important event in your life?  This program is perfect for those who would like to lose weight at a faster pace.  While we closely monitor calories and nutrition, our meal replacement products will play an important role in keeping you feeling full while consuming fewer calories to create the necessary calorie deficit.   Our meal replacement products have been formulated to provide the recommended daily amounts of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals.  They are medically vetted and depending on the amount of weight loss desired, a whole food meal or snack may be added to the meal replacements.

Meal replacements:

  • Shakes and bars with different flavors to keep your taste palette intrigued
  • Recommended daily value of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • Packed with protein to satiate your hunger
  • Lower levels of complex carbs to help balance blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Burn body fat while maintaining muscle mass
  • Includes prebiotic and probiotic ingredients to support gut health
  • Helps with portion size and hunger control

The 8-Week Rapid Results Meal Replacement Program: This program is ideal for faster, smaller scale weight loss.  Think:  for an upcoming event like a wedding, vacation, or summertime!   The meal replacements include medically-vetted and DELICIOUS shakes and bars.  You won’t believe how full and satisfied you will feel while losing weight!

How The 8-Week Rapid Results Meal Replacement Program Works:

After we determine that you will be participating in our 8-week Rapid Results Meal Replacement Program, you will purchase a 2-week starter kit.  A customized meal replacement / food plan will be decided between you and Dr. Saltzman with a combination of shakes, bars and possibly a healthy snack or meal based on calorie goals.

After the first week, a member from our Weight Loss Concierge Team will touch base with you to order the remaining 6 weeks of bars and shakes (you can pick the flavors that you enjoyed the most from the starter kit and there are even more delicious options available).

At the 8-week point, you will have a follow appointment with Dr. Saltzman to repeat your InBody body composition scan and discuss further plans for weight loss maintenance.

Can you combine both the Lifestyle Medical Weight Loss Program and the Rapid Results Meal Replacement Programs?

Yes, you can! Many of our patients like the structured prescriptive meal replacement plan along with the closely guided cutting edge prescriptive weight-loss medications.  This can be done by enrolling in the Lifestyle Medical Weight Loss Program and purchasing the 8 weeks of meal replacements.

NOTE:  You MUST be enrolled in the Lifestyle Medical Weight Loss Program to be eligible for prescription weight loss medication.

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