La Chelé Laser Cap

The Prescription Medical Device for Hair Regrowth

The La Chelé Laser Cap is a FDA cleared medical laser hair therapy device for preventing future hair loss and medical management of hair regrowth.

The La Chele Laser Cap is a hands-free, portable, cordless and rechargeable low-level laser therapy device designed to deliver laser therapy to the scalp for both men and women. This non-chemical, non-invasive and pain-free device is the first to offer powerful laser therapy discreetly without hassle. The ease of use makes it an effortless treatment as it can be applied underneath your favorite baseball cap or scarf while you engage in everyday activities like checking your email, washing the dishes or taking a walk outside.

How often do I use the Laser Cap?

With nearly 40x the power of comb-lasers, it is recommended to use the La Chelé Laser Cap for 20 minutes 3 times per week. Consistent use of low level laser therapy has been reported to improve the appearance of hair quality, hair strength and thickness. 

Is Laser Cap Safe?

All federal safety and manufacturing standards are met with the La Chelé Laser Cap. This Class 3R laser is considered safe when used as directed. There are absolutely no side-effects involved as laser therapy is a 100% painless treatment.

Who is a Candidate for Laser Cap?

Any patient who is interested in the La Chelé Laser Cap would first need to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our medical providers as hair loss and thinning are medical conditions that may be influenced by many factors.

Ready to get started?

Schedule your complimentary consultation to learn more about the La Chelé Laser Cap and our Hair Restoration Program.