PRP Brow

Reclaim your eyebrows and never lose another hair again with La Chele’s exclusive PRP Brow treatment. It is no surprise that having thick, full brows is difficult. The constant struggle of filling them in and wasting money on products that promise regrowth is exhausting. La Chele is one of the only practices to offer a PRP treatment specifically designed to regrow your brows for a full and all-natural look.

Get Treated!

The treatment is quick and easy! First, we would draw a very small sample of your blood to be stored in a sterile test tube and processed in an FDA-approved centrifuge to break open the platelets. Extracellular matrix growth factors would then be infused into your platelets which is the key component for total brow restoration. Tiny injections into the brows with this rich blend of PRP and growth factors will restore your brows, naturally.


The PRP Brow treatment is done once every 12-20 months with use of a topical numbing agent to make you as comfortable as possible.

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