Brighten up with PRP Under Eyes

Achieve a less tired, youthful appearance with Platelet Rich Plasma, a non-surgical under eye injection treatment. Under eye skin is very delicate and can easily be damaged leading to the development of dark circles, fine lines or puffiness. Dark circles can become pronounced due to stressed vascular drainage systems under the eyes. When these drainage systems are strained, cells leak out into the vessels, deposit in the tissue, and leave you with those dark tired circles under the eyes. Genetics and chronic allergies are other factors that play into developing dark circles under the eyes.


We love PRP for correcting under dark eye circles because it uses your own bodies platelets to rejuvenate the delicate tissue. The PRP growth factors stimulate your collagen molecules which tightens and firms the area for a smoother appearance while lightening the dark circles. Not only is this treatment fabulous for dark circles, it works wonders for fine lines and wrinkles. At La Chelé , we also offer the option to mix a dermal filler with your PRP for a even better result.

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