First off, did you know that there are alternatives to Botox?  Although Botox has been around the longest, there are actually 3 other medications that can produce the similar results. Most people know the word Botox and it acts as an “umbrella” term in this category, but there are others that your provider may choose to use – Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau.

So, what areas are best suited for Botox? Most commonly, people treat the 1.  “Angry 11’s” (corrugator/glabella region) 2. Forehead lines (frontalis) and 3. Crows feet (orbicularis oculi).  We can get fancy and move to the lower part of the face too. You can point out areas that may bother you in the lower half of the face and see if this problem area can be helped by “Botox”.

On the day of your treatment, the provider will ask you to make faces. This will help to see how you move your muscles and express. From this information, she will decide on the number of units best to soften and correct the lines.

Next, your face will be cleansed and the injections will begin. Based on where we are treating and the amount, this can be done in the matter of minutes.  Its quick!

When you leave the office that day, you will look the same as when you came in…. ?? WHAT???  Yes, you read that right. Botox does not kick in and act right away. On average you will start to see results in about 5 days. Maybe sooner, maybe a few days longer. By day 10-14. You’re rocking your result and looking your best!

So how long will you look this good?? FDA studies say, Botox last 12-16 weeks, that’s 3-4 months. So when you love it (and you will!!), you will have to keep up with it about 3-4 times per year. Better still, if you use it more, it can last longer!

What will this cost me?? Botox can be charged either by area or unit. Here at La Chelé we charge and dose by unit. Whether you are starting out with preventative Botox (and don’t need too much) or have more mature wrinkling, we feel that it is best to customize the treatment to your needs and therefore only pay for what you need.

What else is there to know? Although we can’t get away from using needles, we use the smallest needles to make Botox almost painless. It is quick and easy. I never say never to a possibility of a bruise because we are using a needle, but it is extremely rare.  Lastly, Botox IS (typically) done very naturally. Our medical artistry will make your lines and wrinkles go away without anyone knowing you’ve had it done.  We want you to look your very best!

-Jaclyn Tyson, RN, MSN, FNP-C