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The Aesthetic Guide, July/August 2020

Lisa Cheley Espinoza, MD – Turning Trial to Triumph

Lisa Cheley Espinoza, MD, turned her struggle with severe acne as a teen and young adult into a career dedicated to beauty. Dr. Espinoza knew from the start of her career as a physician that she would be devoted to aesthetics and opened a 100% aesthetic laser and injectable practice nearly 15 years ago. Today… Read More >
















Philly Magazine, Shoppist section, August 2015.

How to Get Rid of Post-Summer Sun Damage.

So you ignored all of our warnings and spent half the summer frying your skin at the shore, or you took our advice and slathered on the SPF only to find dark spots mysteriously appearing all over your body. We get it. Sun happens, which is why we reached out to Philly’s skin experts to find the very best remedies for sun-damaged skin. From laser treatments to diet changes, here’s what we found… Read More >

For Immediate Release

Expansion Celebration Reveals High Tech Facility

New Hope, PA. October 2, 2014… View PDF File >

Women’s Living Magazine, Early Summer 2013, Bucks County PA Edition

Choosing an Injectable.

Every time I look in the mirror, I feel like I look exhausted. Which injectables  can help give me a natural and more youthful appearance?…  Read More >

Bucks Life Magazine

Love Your Skin Again. Take Away Sun Spots and Broken Blood Vessels in Only 15 Minutes!

Does the reflection you see in the mirror each morning match the way you feel? Sun damage, lifestyle choices and the passage of time can cause lines, wrinkles and sun spots to appear before you’re ready to see them — which may have you longing for
a safe, easy, quick way to improve your complexion. Photofacials, otherwise known as the “miracle treatment” at La Chelé Medical Aesthetics in New Hope, PA is a revolutionary advance in anti-aging services… Read More >

Drop One Dress Size in Only One Hour!

The amazing new treatment that will get you the body you crave. Now that summer is just around the corner, you’re likely amping up your workouts and watching what you eat to prepare for bathing suit season… Read More >

Suburban Life Magazine

Put your best face forward.

By Sharon A. Shaw

A gentle touch gives locals a good reason to visit La Chelé Medical Aesthetics in New Hope. The face says so much about who we are, what we are feeling, where we have been and how we have lived… Read More >

Bucks County Herald, October 2011

Refreshed from the inside out

By Corinne Miller

New Hope spa’s non-invasive procedures leave patients feeling rejuvenated. When Dr. Lisa Espinoza walks into the room at La Chelé Medical Aesthetics, it’s hard to believe she’s old enough to practice medicine… Read More >

Bucks Life Magazine

The One Hour Facelift: Ultherapy

Changing the Cosmetic World

It starts by looking in the mirror and feeling that our eyelids and the bags around our eyes are becoming more pronounced… Read More >

Bucks Life Magazine

Want to Keep Your Skin Healthy? Then Give it a Workout!

You’ve always known that if you want to have a strong, healthy body, it’s important to work out regularly. But did you know that the same approach applies to having strong, healthy (and young-looking) skin?… Read More >

Love the Skin You’re In – Rejuvenating and Refreshing Your Look

dtown magazine  November 2011

By Justin Elson | Photos Courtesy of Kim Billingsley

With another New Year’s celebration rapidly approaching, it’s once again time to take stock. With the turning of the calendar page, we often extend the simple action and create a metaphor that resonates within our… Read More >