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Improve Your Jawline with Volux™

Volux ™ is the first and only hyaluronic acid (HA) filler FDA-approved to improve the contour and definition of the jawline. Volux™ is the most effective non-surgical option on the market for jawline contouring to give a more defined and chiseled profile. As La Chelé is one of the top injectable practices in the United States, we have been chosen to receive exclusive early access to this brand new filler!

What is Volux™?

Volux™ is a reversible HA filler that is designed to be much firmer than any other HA filler on the market. It’s a huge advancement in the aesthetics industry due to its firmness, structure and longevity. Volux™ has the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid of the Juvéderm line at 25mg/ml.  We are able to sculpt and contour bony areas of the face for example, the jaw and chin like never before.

Juvederm Volux

Juvederm fillers Volux

How to get a better jawline using Volux™

Volux™ is a Hyaluronic Acid filler that is specifically designed to mimic the appearance and feeling of bone making it the perfect product to build a stronger jawline. Volux™ can be injected along the jaw and chin to build volume and structure which will help balance your profile. Volux™ has been the top product for jawline contouring in Europe for years, we are so excited to now have access to this groundbreaking product in the United States!

How much is Volux™ and how many syringes do I need?

Underlying genetic bone structure and the age of an individual decides how many syringes of Volux™ may be needed. At La Chelé Medical Aesthetics, we prefer a conservative approach. On average, we inject 2-3 syringes at one time, although single syringes can also be used. A second session for further augmentation can be done one month later.  Pricing is tiered based on the number of syringes used.  Dermal fillers in general can range from $700- $1000 for one syringe.

Jawline contouring for men

Volux™ is a fantastic option for men who want a more chiseled and defined jawline. Stronger jawlines have been linked to higher testosterone and are perceived as younger. This minimally invasive treatment can enhance your masculine features without the need for surgeries and implants. If you are interested in chiseling your jawline, call 215-862-6100 to book your complimentary consultation today.

How soon will I see results from Volux™?

The results from a Volux™ treatment can be seen immediately after injection. Minimal swelling occurs, but as most fillers, it takes up to two weeks for the filler to settle. Once the filler is fully settled you should have a beautifully chiseled jawline. Some clients may require multiple treatments to achieve optimal results so each client’s treatment plan may vary.

Is there any downtime after Volux™ injections?

Volux™ may involve more significant downtime than other fillers. Patients often experience stiffness in the jaw, feeling of firmness, difficulty opening mouth and biting, along with speech difficulty. These side effects can be intense but should subside within the first 72 hours after injection.  The product typically integrates and feels completely natural by week 3-4.  The product is very moldable for the first 72 hours and should be massaged if any lumps are felt.

How long does Volux ™ last?

Volux™ is FDA approved to last up to 12 months, however some studies show it can last up to 18 months. The longevity of dermal filler depends on a variety of factors including your own basal metabolic rate, which is unique to you. Your injector’s experience level and the number of syringes used also plays a role in your filler’s longevity.

Am I a candidate for jawline filler using Volux™?

We often see clients who are struggling with their side profile and this can be caused by a variety of factors. Often times clients with poor jawline definition are lacking volume in their lower mandible, chin, or both. Adding filler in these areas can help to define the jawline, balance your side profile, and even improve the appearance of the jowls and submentum (upper neck). Upon your initial consultation, we take aesthetic facial proportion measurements to determine if your chin is recessed, the severity of your jowls and the sharpness of your gonial angle (jawline).  Depending upon the amount of fat and bone loss in these areas, your La Chele aesthetic provider will determine if you are a good candidate for Volux™. If you are looking to chisel your jawline or improve your profile, call 215-862-6100 to book your complimentary Volux™ consultation today!

Why should you have your Volux™ done at La Chele Medical Aesthetics?

Volux™ is unlike any filler that has ever hit the U.S. market and because of this, it is important to only seek treatment from the most experienced professionals in the field. It is firmer and less forgiving than other fillers so it is absolutely imperative that you are treated by a highly skilled provider with an in depth understanding of facial proportions and anatomy. When injected incorrectly, this filler can masculinize feminine features and cause the face to look imbalanced. La Chelé was chosen as one of the first practices in the country to launch this filler because of our unparalleled understanding of facial balancing and safety. Lead by our medical director and Allergan national trainer Dr. Lisa Espinoza, our team of highly skilled providers are the most qualified injectable artists for all of your facial sculpting needs.

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