Dissolving Clinic

As we have been pioneering aesthetics for the past 15 years, we have come to see dermal filler cases from far and near that are not done appropriately and need to be dissolved. Luckily, some of the most popular dermal fillers are reversible, and we have become experts at determining reversal and fixing complex cases.

We built our dissolving clinic around the basis of trust, experience, and expertise. We have been around the block and seen everything from mild to moderate to severe cases, and ask for your trust in restoring your natural or baseline appearance.

Our facility is run by our Aesthetic Physician, Lisa Espinoza, MD. Under her supervision, she has trained various Surgeons, Dermatologists, Aesthetic Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Nurses who have been practicing for years. Without proper training, aesthetic procedures can go wrong and cause dissatisfaction, pain, and damage.

Why would I need my filler dissolved? 

As aesthetic medicine is increasing in popularity faster than society and keep up with, more and more clinics are popping up on every corner. Just because a facility claims to be cleanly, safe, and experienced, does not mean that is always the case.

Sometimes, we see patients who have visited other practices and unfortunately, their filler just isn’t placed in the correct or optimal spot, leaving the patient unhappy or uncomfortable. We have seen everything from lumps and bump that shouldn’t be, to, on the rare occasion, cases when filler has been placed into a blood vessel, which requires emergency action. This takes incredible experience and precision, along with moving quickly, as necrosis of the tissue may occur if not dissolved quickly or correctly.

Is there any downtime with dissolving?

Since you are being injected there is a chance you may experience bruising and/or swelling.

What Should I Expect? 

We use a solution called Hyaluronidase which is injected into the filled area and is designed to break apart the dermal filler, which will eventually exit the body through natural processes of elimination. After it is injected, some results will be immediate, but you will really see a significant change within 24-48 hours after injection.

How long will it take for the filler to completely dissolve? 

The dissolving process could be done in one visit, or sometimes more difficult cases take multiple visits spaced one week apart. Two weeks after all of the filler is dissolved, we will be able to re-evaluate you at baseline and, if agreed upon, inject dermal filler again.

The dissolving process varies from person to person; some are completed in just one visit while more complicated cases may take multiple visits related to the amount of filler or type of filler that is being dissolved. It is helpful to know the type of filler you had injected. Each dissolving appointment is spaced approximately one to two weeks apart, and your injector will decide the best course of action for your personal situation.

Can I be reinjected with filler after I had some dissolved?

Yes, filler can be used after having dissolving. We suggest waiting approximately two weeks after dissolving filler so that we can reevaluate your face at baseline. During our assessment we will develop our plan of care together.

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