Subnovii Plasma Pen

What is the Subnovii Plasma Pen?

Subnovii is a non-invasive advanced plasma pen that provides a fibroblast treatment which works to stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in your skin, resulting in tightening of the skin that is treated. 

Plasma pens have been used in the world for over a decade but until recently have not been properly studied or regulated for safety and sterility until now. Unlike the black market plasma pens that currently flood the market, Subnovii is the first and only FDA cleared plasma pen which utilizes LF technology. This low frequency patented wavelength and power has over 6 years of development and extensive testing. It allows for faster recovery and superior results without surgery.  The device is NOT MADE IN CHINA and is exclusively distributed by Cartessa Aesthetics, a leading laser distributor in the United States. 

What will my experience on treatment day be like?

First, we will apply our powerful medically prescribed topical numbing cream. After about 15-30 minutes we will begin the treatment. The treatment can take anywhere from 5- 30 minutes depending on the area done.  The treatment is mildly uncomfortable and over very quickly.

During your Subnovii treatment, we are targeting the plasma layer on the surface of your skin. The plasma pen never touches your skin, but rather, emits energy to stimulate collagen. Following treatment, the controlled wounds will create small scabs which will dissipate in 7-10 days.  You will be given an aftercare treatment kit to apply twice a day until the scabs fall off.

What areas are treated with Subnovii at La Chele Medical?

La Chele Medical Aesthetics has one of the most comprehensive laser arsenals in the United States. With over 26 medical devices, we have different lasers for different needs. We are fortunate to find a niche for the Subnovii in our practice specifically for upper lids, lower lids, crow’s feet and specific fine lines. For more comprehensive areas of the face and body we recommend our CO2 laser, Profound, Morpheus8, or Fraxel devices.  

How do I know if Subnovii is for me?

After a consultation with one of our Medical Providers, we will be able to determine if Subnovii is the best treatment option for you. We always require a consultation to ensure that each of our medical procedures are safe for your unique skin type.

Is there downtime?

Following your treatment, you will receive post-care instructions that we will ask that you follow carefully as this is an important part of the healing process. You may experience minor scabbing which is protecting your skin while your skin is renewing and replenishing. There is potential for slight itchiness and for treatment on the upper or lower eyelids, the tissue is very sensitive.  You can expect swelling for 1-2 days.  You will have scabs that typically last a week. 

How many treatments are needed and when will I see results?

Subnovii is designed to be a single treatment, although many are so pleased with results that they can request a second treatment no sooner than 4 months later.You will see results not only immediately after your treatment, but you will also see improvements occurring up to 6 months post-procedure.

Who performs the Subnovii treatment?

Currently at La Chele Medical Aesthetics, the Subnovii plasma treatment is only performed by the doctor, Lisa Espinoza MD, or our other incredible medical providers.

Call La Chelé Medical Aesthetics at 215-862-6100 to book your consultation to see if you are a candidate for Subnovii today!