Marionette Makeover

Lift Your Jowls

Marionette Rejuvenation at La Chele is a perfect, non-surgical treatment for those who desire to lift and smooth moderate to severe marionette lines (jowls). This proprietary treatment uses a mixture of dermal fillers and innovative PDO Thread technology. Jowls are a concern for many patients as the lower face has a way of really giving away our age – we can help restore your youthful jawline with the Marionette Makeover™

What are Marionette Lines?

Marionette lines are the lines that run from the corner of your mouth toward the chin and become more pronounced as we age. These pesky lines have a bad habit of making us look sad and impact our resting facial expressions. Various factors of aging play a part in the development of jowls including:

  • Loss of volume
  • Loosening and sagging of facial skin
  • Loosening of ligaments
  • Collagen loss

What makes this treatment different?

This treatment was specifically designed to target the lower face. We have hand chosen a blend of fillers that have clinical research backing their ability to improve even the most stubborn of jowl lines. Adding another element into this treatment with use of the LC Threads allows even more lifting and facial structure support to ensure optimal results for our patients.

How long does it last?

Like most dermal fillers and absorbable threads, most patients need to be retreated yearly.

Is there downtime?

With our advanced techniques, it is less likely but still possible that you may experience mild downtime. With any filler or thread treatment there is the potential for a week of bruising and or swelling.  We advise patients to stop use of Asprin/NSAIDs 10 days prior to treatment.

Want to learn more?

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*Bruising is possible with any dermal filler treatment. Click here for some of our Bruise Treatment Modalities.*

FYI: Too much sugar and processed foods can have a profound effect on the skin and cause jowls and wrinkles on the face. As sugar digests, it bonds to collagen and impairs the molecule’s function (called glycation). High fructose corn syrup is 10 times worse in causing glycation than glucose, the sugar found in starches.