Rue the Tattoo? We Now Have Faster and Complete Tattoo Removal.

We all have past experiences that we would like to erase, and for millions of Americans, this includes body ink. Research shows that the number of US adults who have a tattoo has increased to 45 million, or one in five (21%). This includes over half (60%) of all women over the age of 18.

More than one third of young Americans have at least one tattoo and the number of tattoo removal procedures reported continue to rise. With the growing wave of tattoo regret there are two main types of laser treatments a patient can turn to, Q-switch and PicoSure. A article references PicoSure as “a newer, faster technology, zapping away a fist-sized tattoo in about five treatments, compared to 10 or 20 treatments in the past.”

Tattoo Removal Has Never Been Easier. Meet PicoSure Laser Technology

PicoSure Laser technology (with picosecond speed) has made it possible to remove unwanted tattoos via a faster and safer method than ever before. No longer will patients need to consider skin-damaging treatments such as acid removal, excision, and dermabrasion. Today’s aesthetic lasers offer a proven alternative for safer and more effective ink removal. Lasers remove the ink by targeting ink’s pigment with a high intensity light beam causing it break up into smaller molecules. The ink is then absorbed by the natural bodily processes, fading the tattoo until it is no longer visible.

The Icing on Top: The Describe Patch

We are now offering the Describe Patch – which allows us to perform the same treatment back-to-back on the same tattoo – cutting treatment time in half and giving opportunity for improved results! With this patch, our Providers can perform up to 4x as many passes than without it!

Additional discounts are available for those looking to have more than 2 tattoos treated. Please call us at 215.862.6100 for more information.










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