Hand Rejuvenation

The back of your hands tells the true story of your age…Thankfully we have a fantastic treatment designed to rejuvenate and correct aging hands with the following conditions:

  • Tired appearance
  • Premature aging
  • Wrinkles
  • Thinning
  • Sun damage
  • Discoloration

Just like the face, the hands show aging changes in the form of skin texture, soft tissue volume and skin color. Our hands need extra TLC since they are constantly being exposed to environmental factors like the sun – driving is a big contributor to discoloration and sun spots! Washing your hands or doing the dishes with chemical filled soaps often strip the natural oils from your skin which leads to premature aging and a dull appearance.

How does this treatment work?

Hand rejuvenation includes a blend of dermal filler injections to restore volume, increase smoothness and minimize the visibility of veins and tendons. We also may recommend adding on a special laser rejuvenation treatment designed to target discoloration and sun spots. This treatment is quick and easy that includes minimal discomfort and downtime.

*Bruising is possible with any dermal filler treatment. Click here for some of our Bruise Treatment Modalities.*

Ready to get started?

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