La Chelé Lifestyle Medical Weight Loss Program

How many times have you worked so hard to lose a few pounds to just gain it right back? How often have you tried to lose weight, and feel that the scale number will not budge? Or when you’re looking in the mirror and feel discouraged to see so little gain for all the effort you have put forward in eating right and exercising?

At La Chelé Newtown and La Chelé New Hope’s Lifestyle Medical Weight Loss Program, we understand and will work with you to create an individualized sustainable weight loss plan. This is an exciting era in Medical Weight-Loss. Over the past years, there have been major advancements for weight gain and obesity. Now it is possible to strive for LONGTERM successful and sustained weight loss. La Chelé has been fortunate to team up with weight loss expert, Dr. Erin Saltzman, a double board-certified Endocrinology and Bariatric Medicine (Medical Weight Loss Physician) to lead the way. She has received extensive training in nutritional planning and the use of various prescriptive weight loss medications. Not every diet or exercise regimen is right for every patient. Dr. Saltzman does not believe in “weight loss supplements” or fad diets – she is an expert in evidence-based weight loss medicine. She will ensure that you have the right tools for success based on your individual metabolic needs and lifestyle. Whether you need to lose a small or a significant amount of weight, she and our La Chelé team will work with you to achieve and maintain your goal.

Our Lifestyle Medical Weight Loss Program at La Chelé Medical offers a customized treatment plan for each individual patient. Customized weight loss treatment plans consider many variables. During a consultation, Dr. Saltzman will evaluate such variables as:

● Weight gain / weight loss history

● Diet and exercise history

● Medical / family / social / lifestyle history

● Waist circumference measurement

● Body composition measurements (lean body mass, percent body fat and visceral fat)

● BMI calculation

● Vital signs and targeted physical exam

● Metabolic lab evaluation (patients may bring any lab results from within 3 months of their initial consultation appointment for review. Dr. Saltzman may order additional metabolic lab work).

● Individual patient weight loss and weight maintenance goals

Dr. Saltzman will synthesize this information and determine the root causes of the weight gain in order to generate an evidence-based, comprehensive weight loss and maintenance treatment plan. She will collaborate with each patient to develop a sustainable diet and exercise program. Depending on the amount of weight loss recommended, she may also prescribe certain weight loss medications as a part of the treatment plan. The ultimate goal is healthy and sustainable weight loss in order to prevent or treat weight-related medical conditions.

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