CoolSculpting Elite Applicators

These redesigned applicators were created with patient results and experience in mind. One machine can now complete TWO cycles at once, cutting treatment time in half. This means that you can have two of these applicators placed in separate areas cooling at the same time.

These C-Shaped applicators are 30% lighter, more compact, and have 97% increased tissue contact, as opposed to the previous legacy CoolSculpting machine, which had about 67% tissue contact.


This applicator is used to treat submental fat under the chin. It also can be used around the knees and potentially other small stubborn areas to freeze your fat.

C120 + C150

These are some of our frequently used applicators to target popular unwanted areas of fat such as the abdomen, bra fat, love handles, and banana roll. We use this to sculpt areas while freezing and ridding of unwanted fat at the same time.

F125 + F165:

We use the F125 to treat arm fat and inner thighs.


This is our large applicator! Often times it is used to attack larger areas before sculpting and shaping.


This surface applicator is best used for that small stubborn area of fat that is not large enough to enter the suction-based applicators, but still bothers you. It can be used on various areas including, but not limited to, the outer thighs and abdomen.

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