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MORPHEUS8 for Acne Solution

MORPHEUS8 by INMODE is the latest and greatest when it comes to cutting-edge laser technology. Though Morpheus8 has been more popularly used as a method of treatment for acne scarring, it is now being used to treat active acne lesions. This is an exciting discovery as there has been a multitude of research conducted in an effort to treat active acne while minimizing acne scarring; however, other methods have been sub-optimal, require longer downtime, and have not addressed the route of the cause of acne.

Acne vulgaris has a variety of causal factors including dirt, oil, bacteria that clog pores and can result in comedonal (black heads, white heads) or nodulocystic acne (deep under the surface of the skin). To address these causal factors, Morpheus8 utilizes 24 microneedles which penetrate into the dermis and deliver radiofrequency heat to different layers of the skin. This allows the dermis to remodel as new collagen and elastin production is stimulated. This process in turn will lower the colonization of bacterial load on the skin while also shrinking the size of oil glands, resulting in less oil production.

Skin remodeling helps to decrease the appearance of rolling scars, pore size and overall texture of the skin. By helping to decrease oil production and kill acne bacteria we are able to nix that environment that acne bacteria thrive in, not only to prevent future breakouts but also to get a jump start on decreasing scars. Morpheus over time and a series of treatments can reduce the appearance of post op surgical scars from skin cancer, stretch marks, as well as acne scarring. It can minimize scarring up to 50%, and is safe enough for darker skin types as well. It is one of most popular treatments at La Chelé for many different skin conditions!

We recommend clients treat monthly for 4 months as clinical studies published for Morpheus8 in treating acne revealed clinical significant results when implementing a series of 4 treatments spaced every 4 weeks. Results can be appreciated within the first month and can continue to improve over the course of 6-12 months.

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