Nefertiti Lift

A Lift Fit for a Queen (or King)

Inspired by the beautiful contours, sharply-defined jawline and long neck of Queen Nefertiti, La Chelé now specializes in the advanced Nefertiti Lift. This non-surgical treatment is designed to redefine the elegant lines of the jaw and neck for a more youthful, tighter appearance.

About Nefertiti Lift

As we age, the muscles under the jaw begin to pull down the cheeks, leading to a loss of jawline definition, skin laxity and a decrease in volume. The Nefertiti lift addresses these conditions with anti-wrinkle Botox and Dysport injections to redefine the elegant lines of the jaw and neck.

How it Works

At La Chelé, our advanced practitioners will inject Botox and Dysport along the lower jawline as well as the sides of the neck along the Platysmal Band muscles to reverse the balance of muscle power resulting in a more toned, defined jawline and tighter neck. How much Botox or Dysport you need depends on the individual and the desired effects. Just like your regular Botox, and Dysport injections, we recommend patients treat every 3-5 months to maintain results.

*Bruising is possible with any dermal filler treatment. Click here for some of our Bruise Treatment Modalities.*

Benefits of Nefertiti Lift

  • Reduced neck wrinkles
  • Reduced neck bands
  • Softer jawline
  • More youthful and refined appearance

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