Starting your Botox or Dysport journey can be intimidating. There is so much information and so many questions that it can often be hard to tell what are fact and what are fiction. We are here to break down you most commonly asked questions about Botox and Dysport so you can start your treatments with confidence!

How many Botox/Dysport units do I need?

The number of units that each patient needs depends on a variety of factors; some of these include how strong your muscles are, and what your overall aesthetic goals are. But generally speaking, we would say 20-30 units in between the brows, up to 20 units in the forehead, and somewhere between 5 and 12 units per eye for crow’s feet. These are rough estimates and every patient is a little bit different.

How soon after my Botox/Dysport treatment will I start seeing results?

Depending which product is better for you (Botox or Dysport), you can start to see results as soon as 3 days. Over the first 14 days the product will continue to grow in strength, but at the 2 week mark your Botox/ Dysport should be fully kicked in.

How long does Botox/Dysport last?

Typically, Botox/Dysport last about 3-4 months

Is Botox/Dysport reversible?

Botox/Dysport is not reversable but it normally wears off over 12-16 weeks at which point you’ll regain normal muscle movement.

Why should I get Botox/Dysport?

Botox/Dysport has a variety of benefits but it is best known for its skin smoothing abilities. It can help reduce the look of fine lines and prevent new ones from forming which can help you look more youthful and vibrant.

Do I need Botox/Dysport?

If you are bothered by fine lines or wrinkles in your forehead or crow’s feet, Botox/Dysport may be a good option for you.

What do Botox/Dysport injections feel like?

Botox/Dysport injections are actually quite painless! We use the smallest available needles to reduce pain and any chance of bruising.

Are there any side effects to Botox/Dysport?

The most common side effects are a slight headache the day of your treatment and a micro bruise at the point of injection. Both are pretty rare side effect and if they do happen they are extremely mild.

Is Botox/Dysport safe?

Yes, Botox and Dysport are totally safe. These neurotoxins are heavily tested and regulated by the FDA and are used for more than just cosmetic purposes. While we only treat cosmetically, Botox is used in other areas of medicine to treat migraines, symptoms of Cerebral Palsy, and so much more!