by Zoe Flaxenburg

As temperatures begin to rise, it’s important to consider switching up your skincare routine!

Warmer weather means our skin isn’t as irritated by cold wind and snow. For this reason, thick face creams can be swapped out for something lighter. When our skin doesn’t crave as much moisture, heavier creams can sit on the surface of the skin. Think about incorporating a hydrating serum, such as our Moisture Boost! Remember to layer your products by molecular weight, going from lightest to heaviest so ingredients can actually penetrate your skin!

Nicer weather often means we are spending more time outside. A critical aspect of skincare is protection from inflammation. Anti-oxidants in our skincare help with anti-aging by protecting from solar damage and neutralizing free radicals. One popular anti-oxidant skincare ingredient is Vitamin C. Coupled with a great SPF, you will be protected from not only UV damage, but pollution as well!

We are sometimes hesitant to exfoliate our skin in the winter when it can be more prone to dryness and irritation. Our skin holds more moisture in the warmer months, making it a great time to incorporate exfoliating ingredients. A great option is a combination AHA/BHA product. Gentle AHA acids are able to promote glowing skin, while BHAs are oil soluble.

An effective SPF is imperative all year round, but especially with increased sun exposure. Look for ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, as they create physical barriers on the skin, prohibiting UV rays from getting through. Our La Chele BB cream provides excellent sun protection, as well as light coverage with a beautiful glow!

My holy grail products for the morning are our Radiant-C cream followed by our BB cream! It gives me the perfect amount of hydration, along with light coverage that lasts me through an entire work day!

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