By Liz VokesMany of us have a skin care regimen, but are we using the right products? As children our routines were easy: water, soap, wash, done. As adults our skin seems to crave more due to sun exposure, natural aging, stress and environmental factors. We tend to reach for the newest, trendiest products to line our shelves with, usually recommended by large beauty brands or celebrities instead of skincare professionals. The issue? Skin doesn’t care about price tags, labels or brands.How do we navigate the endless world of products? Most of us do not speak the language of “skin.” This is where our highly trained Medical Aestheticians and Medical Providers come to the rescue! The Providers at La Chelé are some of the best in the business with the most extensive skincare training.

Our skin, the largest organ of the body, requires personalized care much like our bodies do especially in terms of moisture barriers and exfoliation. If the wrong strength of Retin-A (prescriptive product) is used, skin can become dull from not enough exfoliation or, irritated from strengths that are too high. Without proper exfoliation, skin can become lack luster, and without proper moisture levels, skin can become too dry or oily. How our skin reacts to a product can depend on a lot of factors down to skin type, lifestyle or concerns. What works great for your sister or best friend may not address your concerns or work for YOUR specific skin needs. More importantly, our skins’ needs can change over time, meaning sometimes your current routine can require a slight adjustment.

With a world of options, why not chose medical-grade products (with proven results) backed by science that will work best for you – not by what works best for your bestie or the influencer you follow. Understanding what skin needs to function to the best of its ability is a tricky feat, but with the right products and routine, it doesn’t have to be. Our Medical Professionals have years of experience, an arsenal of top-notch medical-grade skin care products, an army of top-rated lasers to address almost every skin care concern, as well as the fact that we’ve all been there. The Providers at La Chelé speak skin, from texture and complexion, to active acne break outs, melasma, scars, stretch marks, fine lines, brown spots, etc. If your skincare isn’t providing results you desire, or if you aren’t sure where to start or what specifically would benefit your skin we are here to help.You are not a one size fits all so why should your skincare be any different?!

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