Collagen supplements are a hot topic right now as vitamin companies are working hard to break into the growing aesthetic market.  Getting your daily dose of presumed ‘youth’ is coming in all edible forms with collagen water brands, flavored powders, vitamins and “tasty” chewables.  The question we all have and want answers for is the scientific proof.   Is this fad fabulous or “fake news”?

According to research study done in 2014, ingestible collagen did in fact have an impact on the appearance of about 70 women ages 35-55.  Those women who, at the least, took 2.5 grams of collagen daily for about 8 weeks showed improvement in skin elasticity in comparison to those who did not take any collagen supplements. There were more studies done that showed improvement in skin dryness, wrinkle reduction and even wounds were found to heal about twice as fast when collagen was ingested.

On the other hand, many skeptics to this study feel that collagen is a polypeptide containing a mixture of amino acids that will digest and replete where it is needed most—and unfortunately the skin is the last place that feeds off of these acids.  Additionally, collagen in these supplements is derived from ground up hooves, nerve tissue, bone, and hide of pigs, cows and other animals. They could be contaminated with heavy metals, and more research into the safety of these ground up products is needed. While there have been some studies done that claim positive results, many doctors are not quite sold on the science behind collagen supplements, including our very own Dr. Lisa Espinoza, who would love to see more research done on the subject with quality control measures.

As you can see, unfortunately, the jury is still out due to insufficient research needed to determine just how accurate and consistent collagen supplements are. On a positive note, at La Chelé Medical Aesthetics, we offer different services that have been proven to stimulate collagen growth such as Microneedling, CO2 laser, Ultherapy, Profound, and Morpheus8. These devices help delay aging by creating micro-injuries to the skin resulting in the stimulation of the body’s natural healing process, including increased collagen production.   We do love the idea of popping a single pill to replete our collagen and will be the first to share with you when, and if, we find one worthy and safe!

  • Alissa, Patient Coordinator at La Chelé