By Dana Castelli, RN, BSN

Have you found yourself staring at the mirror at what looks like a mask of brown patches on your face? If you answered YES to this, then you could be suffering from Melasma. Melasma is a skin condition that can cause dark patches and spots on your skin, usually your face, that appear darker than your natural skin tone. This is most common in women but can occur in men.

The cause is not specifically understood but we do know that genes and hormones play a role. Women tend to experience this during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. They get what they call, “the mask of pregnancy.” Others may experience this after being placed on birth control. For some, this may go away after the baby is born or when stopping the medication, but for most, this is something that is here to stay. Women of medium to darker skin tones are at a higher risk for developing Melasma. The patches usually appear on certain areas of the face like the cheeks, forehead, chin, and even above the upper lip. Areas that are less common to develop Melasma but not limited to are on the arms, neck, or elsewhere. While there is no cure, there are some recommendations to keep your pigment lighter.


How do I get rid of Melasma with Medical Grade Skincare?

While we know Melasma may be unappealing at times, there is not one set treatment to make it disappear forever. Melasma management is best when handled by a professional medical provider, like our providers here at La Chelé. Medical grade skin care is the most powerful modality you can do for treatment success.

Step 1: SPF is the most important! A morning mineral SPF lotion (zinc or titanium dioxide) should be applied 365 days of the year, followed every 2 hours by a powder SPF product (colorscience, or La Chelé powder SPF) .

Step 2: Morning topical Vitamin C. Our best-seller is the La Chele Radiant C Cream or the La Chelé CE Ferulic serum. Vitamin C is the most powerful antioxidant to battle free radical damage, reduce inflammation of the sun, and is reduces the production of melanin. You can apply twice daily if AM not enough.

Step 3: Prescriptive Tretinoin (at La Chele Prescription Section) or a strong Retinoid (La Chele Retinol with Backuchiol ) every NIGHT only. This acts as an at home chemical peel to allow your products to penetrate your dermis. Never use in the morning. Medical grade and prescriptive is better than over the counter.

Step 4: Prescriptive 4% Hydroquinone. Obtain and have closely monitored from a medical professional here at La Chelé Medical with one of our Providers. Historically this has been one of the most effective creams, however, drug holidays are recommended and cessation of use every 3 months.


What are the best in-office Melasma Treatments?

While some may respond to treatment with the simple use of a topical, others need an in-office treatment such as a laser, energy device or chemical peel. One thing we know is that aggressive laser and chemical treatments are not the best solution.

As always it is important to make sure you are consulting your treatment with a reputable medical provider because if treated incorrectly the treatment could be made significantly worse. It is also important to make sure you are not nursing or pregnant during treatment. Booking a consultation with one of our providers is a great start to pointing you in the right direction on treating this skin condition. Some popular in office treatments for Melasma at La Chelé Medical Aesthetics is:

1) PicoSure Laser Treatment– One of the few FDA approved to help with Melasma using picosecond technology to break apart the pigment. Safe in all skin types

2) Vi Peel – Safe in all skin types, this medium grade peel can be effective in the right patient. Milder peels such as SkinMedica Illumize or Vitalize peels done regularly also very effective.

3) Monthly Microdermabrasion in conjunction with good medical grade skincare.

4) Neoclear by aerolase

With any of the above energy and laser devices, we will not perform them without being on a great prescriptive medical grade skincare plan. That is always the first step before treatments and the only way to maintain your results!

If you are looking for improvements in the treatment of your melasma, come on in and let us help you get back to feeling your best

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