by Liz Vokes

What’s the motivation for dermal fillers? The average adult loses 3-5 mL of facial fat per year, causing the facial shape to change as we age. Fat pads shrink or shift, skin loses collagen, and free radical damage (sun exposure, pollution, etc.) can make our skin look like a ghost of its former self. Our bodies stop producing collagen in our mid 20’s, drastically changing how the skin ages and the support structure beneath the surface. Working out and eating right do not defy and cannot stop the aging process alone, despite our best efforts. Do you need filler? No. However, in order to bring back volume to an area that is otherwise depleted, filler may be just the fix your body needs for a rejuvenated and youthful appearance.

Injecting gel-like substances into your body seems like something from a horror movie, but it’s actually not as scary as it sounds. Unlike the 80s and its love of silicone, those involved in science have developed much safer injectables, most taking form of natural substances already produced by our own bodies. Instead of permanent injectables that may not age well – or can cause adverse reactions, naturally biodegradable fillers are todays preferred method. This allows our custom treatment plans to change with you as you age.

Hyaluronic acid, (yes acid,) is used in most fillers on the market today, however, it’s essentially just the scientific name for a sugar molecule. These sugar molecules are produced by the body and naturally lubricate our joints and eyes. They are able to retain water, allowing joints to move with ease. So why would you put it in your face? Working out cannot stop facial muscles from sagging, weight fluctuations can affect collagen and elasticity in the skin, and menopausal changes can cause the skin to thin. In order to look how we once did, we need to restore what was lost.

Why wouldn’t you just get surgery? Many clients are not ready to go under the knife, nor need do they need surgery. With dermal fillers, we can bring back support and hydration instantly with little to no downtime, whereas surgery can be extremely invasive with the potential for many complications. Fillers (Hyaluronic Acid) are able to restore volume to depleted areas – cheeks, lips, jawline, nasolabial folds, marionettes lines, under the eyes and even the hands within minutes and can last, depending on product for up to 2 years. The benefit of treating with a substance the body already produces means the body already knows how to metabolize it over time.

Why would you want a temporary solution? Fillers can last – with maintenance. Fillers allow patients to customize their features as they see fit, not just a one and done treatment that cannot age with you. The other benefit of its impermanence is less risk for rejection, allergic reactions or complications when treated by an experienced injector. The user of filler allows clients to have a choice in how they choose to age, instead of it being predetermined by a permanent choice made in our younger years. Stop in or call either of our locations today to see how a custom treatment plan can help you put your best face forward… at any age.