As a child of the 70’s and 80’s, skincare was pretty limited to what you could purchase at the drug store.  Noxema, Sea Breeze and Oil of Olay were some of the popular products in that day.  Back in that same timeframe, we used to call sunscreen, “suntanning lotion”.  How things have changed!  (And thank goodness – those of us who worshipped the sun in our teens and twenties, need extra-strength help now!)

A major shift occurred in the late 90’s that relied on clinical studies and research – medical grade skincare.  Important scientific breakthroughs like topical growth factors (TNS Essential Serum), retinols and stem cells (DefenAge) led to the release of more effective products in the marketplace. These medical grade products are able to penetrate the top layers of skin, whereas their counterparts are more surface treating.  Retin A is one of the most popular and effective products in this category.  It is clinically proven to repair photo damaged skin, combat and reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles while stimulating collagen production and cell turnover. Dr. Espinoza uses it as her at-home mild chemical peel that allows her growth factors to penetrate more deeply.  Medical Grade skincare should only be purchased and used under the supervision of a medical provider.

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A couple of important things to note: First, a consistent regimen of home skincare with these products will provide the best results and second, the use of these medical grade products after any aesthetic treatment yields even better results.

If you want results, medical grade skincare is your best bet. It’s time to correct those mistakes we made earlier in our lives!