It’s the morning after and staring back at you in the mirror– tired, dull, puffy and saggy skin.  Alcohol is a notorious dehydrator and leaves you with bad skin, including enlarged pores. Here are some tips to relief your not-so-pretty morning:

1.) Hydrate: Drink 5 glasses of water over 3 hours.

2.) Exfoliate: Wash off sallow, alcohol-damaged skin cells with a scrub or clarisonic brush- your pores will thank you later.

3.) Exercise: Get your circulation pumped up (that brings blood to your skin) by some sort of 20 minute or more exercise–even if that means going up and down your stairs.

4.) Slather on a Mask: Any hydrating formula can do a lot for your skin to bring back radiance to your complexion.

5.) Watch your eyes: side from being a window to your soul, eyes are one of the most beaten down with our lifestyles. La Chele’s Regener Eyes or TNS eye repair are two of the best.

6.) Eat!: But avoid salt, carbohydrates and alcohol.

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!

Lisa Espinoza MD