Face it, aging is hard. Aging skin is what drives some people to go under the knife and alternatively, push those who are not looking for surgical results to seek elsewhere. Non-invasive options to facial lifting do exist in the medical aesthetics industry. For those who are committed to aging, “gracefully, but with a little help” let’s explore the ins and outs of a Polydioxone (PDO, for short) thread lifting technique. Considering that thread lifting has minimal down time, mild procedural pain and is much less expensive than surgery has grown its popularity tremendously in medical aesthetic centers all over the world.

PDO threads are one of the most safe injectable medical devices on the planet. They came around in the 1990’s but the technology we have now is far more superior. Threads are the same bio-absorbable sutures used in open heart surgery. They are super fine, with tiny microscopic barbs on them that work hard to lift lax skin and excess volume back to it’s original location before good old gravity got its messy hands on it. When injected into the subcutaneous tissue, threads ultimately dissolve on their own over the course of 4-6 months. While they are in place, they help to grow more collagen and connective tissue, which helps to put the brakes on the aging process for a bit.

The procedure itself is quick, quite manageable in regards to pain tolerance and has little to no downtime. We can place them pretty much anywhere on the body that needs a lift. With localized lidocaine injections, you don’t feel much of the inserting of the thread through a tiny needle port. More so, slight pressure as it advances towards the areas it needs to lift such as the brows, jowls or other areas of the body where falling tissue is present. Bruising is not likely however, always a possibility. Making sure you have some good makeup on hand can always help to conceal any micro-bruise! Threads are low-risk however, swelling, and soreness can be common. Worse case scenario bunching or dimpling of the skin can occur, which ultimately resolves on its own within a two week time frame.

The results are instantaneous. So, if you are looking for a mild lift and do not have the time to implement the downtime of laser therapies into your schedule, or plastic surgery – the thread lift is an excellent option!

PDO Thread lifting can be very customizable. The only bad part about threads is that you can always add more! So, if you wanted to try out a thread lift procedure with a small number of threads first, before pulling the trigger on more, that can be done! The number of threads you have put in place is a decision you and your aesthetic provider can make together. Because the results are instant, you can do a couple and take a look in the mirror and then decide that day if you want to add more!

Most patients will place PDO threads in the same category as Botox and Hyaluronic acid fillers because they come along with instant gratification. Especially if you have a special occasion you wanted to look great for! No time like the present to set the clock back a few years. The procedure itself is quite quick, having you in and out of the office within one hour or less. Having said that the threads ultimately dissolve completely, there are no issues in not keeping up with the treatment, however if you like the results (which you will) they can be repeated annually, biannually or even quarterly throughout the year!

– J Marie McCreesh RN, BSN

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