By Liz Vokes

Feeling like you need a post summer pick me up for your skin? Peels are a great way to detox the summer fun from your face, address pigment left over from sun exposure, and increase product absorption. When old skin cells are not removed from the epidermis, (top layer of skin), it is more difficult for products to absorb into the skin or penetrate to the deeper levels they are intended for. Skin can look dry, congested, or uneven without proper exfoliation. Fine lines can appear more prominent resulting in rougher or darker skin texture. Peels are an excellent, easy way to address a multitude of skin concerns with minimal effort. (Please note SPF should ALWAYS been worn especially post-peel when skin is extremely photosensitive and more susceptible to sun damage).

La Chelé offers peels to accommodate all lifestyles with varying downtimes based on product choice. For instance our SkinMedica Illuminize Peel is great for those completely new to chemical peels, mild skin imperfections, or for those on the go who have little to no downtime. Illuminize Peel is considered the gentlest and most superficial of all peels, is excellent for tightening, brightening, enhancing exfoliation and for those who need to be ready for work or the kid’s soccer game by Monday morning. Minimal (if any) peeling can be expected with almost no downtime leaving the skin radiant.

We also offer more aggressive options such as the Vi Peel, which can help address major skin concerns such as melasma, acne scarring, age spots and pore/fine lines refinement and is considered a medium depth treatment. It does require downtime, however, you will NOT be left looking like Samantha from that Sex and the City episode. Patients can expect redness,  peeling of the dermis and epidermis levels lasting around 5-7 days, and there is some post care required 4 hours following the treatment. Your skin’s tone, texture and clarity will improve with less visibility of fine lines.

If strictly lightening skin conditions is your main concern, we also offer Vi Precision Plus – about 25% stronger then the Vi Peel, and contains hydroquinone to inhibit pigmentation when your skin exfoliates. Vi Precision Plus is excellent for specifically addressing acne/acne scars, sun/age spots and melasma. You can expect peeling for around 5-7 days with this treatment as well. Usually after treatment, the only side effect is a mild redness or swelling, which quickly goes away. The Vi Precision Plus is able to penetrate into the middle layers of skin allowing for greater clearance.We also offer a range of products that can be tossed in your bag for life on-the-go if in-office peels are not your thing or, if you’re just looking for at-home options between treatments. We offer everything from 10% Glycolic Pads (containing Vitamins A-C-E along with witch hazel) – excellent for exfoliation and are best used once a week to brighten. We carry Acne Correction Pads which contain Salicylic Acid, eliminate impurities and fight break outs. Our Lactic Microderm Exfoliant is great for more sensitive skin types and is best used for general exfoliation around 1-2 times per week.

Overall, exfoliating your skin, whether chemical peels or at-home treatment options, will allow your true beauty to shine through brighter, allowing the best version of yourself to glow from the outside in. Stop in for a complimentary consultation at either location to see which options are best for you.