Well it’s no secret that we keep La Chelè’s women and men looking youthful and beautiful with our wide range of treatments. Not only are we known for being in the top 1% injectors in the US for both Botox and fillers, but we also take grade pride in our lasers, medical devices, and skincare. From our always-growing medical grade facials, to our non-invasive laser treatments, our wide variety of skincare modalities is what sets us apart. Many of our patients ask what our own staff’s secrets are to glowing, young, and wrinkle-free skin (I mean, who wouldn’t want to know all the secrets?). Lucky for you, we share all of the ones we have!

Where do I begin?

Coming in for a complimentary consultation with one of our Medical Providers is your first step. Allowing them to assess your skin to recommend the best topicals or treatments can transform your appearance!  Aside from injectables, lasers, and maintenance skincare treatments, we usually recommend a great skin care combination of a trust-worthy cleanser, eye cream, vitamin C, moisturizer, and prescriptive topical such as our La Chelè Retin A. Lucky for you, La Chelè sells it all as your one stop shop!

And guess what? We even create our own line of affordable products!

Our caring and hard-working Dr. Lisa Espinoza hardly ever takes a day off. Along with the never-ending list of things she does at La Chelè, she also takes a great deal of time to create her own line of trusted La Chelè products (only sold at our New Hope and Newtown locations).

Going into a store to buy skin care when you have no idea what your looking for can be completely intimidating. We make it easy by offering complimentary consultations to create a customized skin care routine specifically for you, so you never have to feel lost in that long isle of never-ending products.

So what it this “fountain of youth” product we are talking about?

Well, for the best at-home treatment to diminish wrinkles, fine lines, texture, and tone, we turn to one of our best-selling products, TNS Advanced+ Serum. Dr. Espinoza swears by this all-in-one serum created by SkinMedica. TNS Advanced+ Serum uses two blends of next-generation growth factors and an innovative peptide complex to dramatically improve aging skin. We would bathe in this stuff if we could! TNS Advanced+ Serum by Skin Medica has a duel chamber to deliver anti-aging benefits and noticeable results. At two weeks, you’ll notice a huge improvement in rejuvenating your skin.

And it gets even better!

With our TNS punch card for future savings, Allè rewards points system through Allergan Aesthetics, and our Healthy Skin Care VIP Club we do our best at making the skin care we sell as affordable as possible.

So what are you waiting for?

Come by to get your hands on this all in one anti aging solution to get your skin to think and look young again too!