By Devon Bumm

As you change your clothes for the seasons, you should also be changing your skincare! Does your skin feel more dry and dull in the fall or winter? More oily and acne prone in the spring or summer? If this is the case, you are in need of a seasonal product switch-up! Our knowledgeable staff will make sure to help you pick products that keep your skin healthy all year round.

Our Medical Director, Lisa Espinoza, MD, advises almost all clients to use a Vitamin C, Retin-A, and physical sunscreen all year round. Although these products should stay consistent, your moisturizer and cleanser should change.

In the spring and summer, SkinMedica Ultra Sheer Moisturizer or La Chelé Clarity Moisturizer are great options. During the fall and winter months, your skin may need something a little more heavy-duty. We advise our clients to use a heavier cream base, or to add a hyaluronic acid serum to their routine if not using already. We love to use our La Chelé Hyaluronic Moisture Boost for additional hydration. As for a thick moisturizer, the SkinMedica Dermal Repair will have your skin feeling rejuvenated overnight! Keeping the skin barrier moist will help prevent fine lines, wrinkles and acne.

As for cleansers, a light gel-based cleanser is ideal for the summer months when the skin is oily. We recommend a more hydrating cleanser for the winter months when the skin is dry. We would recommend the SkinMedica Facial Cleanser in the warmer seasons, as well as the oil-based Cosmedix Purity Solution in the colder seasons. The changes in your cleanser will help combat any changes in your skin.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, sunscreen all year? Is sunscreen really necessary all 365 days? The answer is YES, and our staff will be the first ones to tell you why. Many clients voice the concern of the typical sunscreen smell, as well as the additive harsh chemicals involved. Are you thinking “there’s no way I can wear sunscreen under my makeup all day” or “I cannot stand that smell all year round”! Well, this is one of the many reason why we love the brand Elta MD. Elta MD only carries physical, zinc oxide sunscreens. This means no unnecessary harsh chemicals, and no added fragrance. These sunscreens are unscented, and the first thing clients notice is that it feels like almost ‘nothing’ is even on their skin! As a bonus, these sunscreens are able to block both UVA and UVB rays. Something other products do not. Drug store sunscreens trap in the heat, but when wearing Elta MD, we know that the sun is being repelled to its fullest. Elta MD has many options whether your skin is acne prone, dry or a combination of both. As your skin changes with the seasons, so can your sunscreen. As an added bonus, say goodbye to foundation! We offer tinted options as well.

So, are you looking to enhance your skincare regimen with us? You can shop all the products mentioned above and more at Interested in a full evaluation and customized skincare treatment plan? Call us at 215-862-6100 and we would love to assist you further!