We’ve all been hearing “Kybella” – the latest buzz word floating around the aesthetic medicine world. But is it for everyone?

Here’s the skinny on it:

Kybella is an FDA approved injectable medication that treats excess, unwanted fat under your chin also, known as “submental fullness”. For those with a mild to moderate amount of fat, it is a valid option to avoid surgery.

On average, candidates will need 2-3 treatments, 6 weeks apart and about 2-3 vials per treatment, depending on the area to be treated. The change happens gradually, with some skin tightening occurring, and results in the permanent destruction of fat.  Side effects are temporary, with swelling and numbness being the most common.

La Chele Medical Aesthetics is one of the first practices on the East Coast to carry Kybella and we are excited to finally have something to address this common unwanted issue. We are confident that it will be an excellent choice for many. Please join us on October 15th to learn more about Kybella!