By Liz Vokes

Days have started to get longer and the weather is warming up but many of us are still feeling exhausted from the winter blues. One of the biggest contributors of this lingering feeling is a Vitamin D deficiency. Aside from aiding in healthy bone & teeth production, Vitamin D also plays an important role in regulating mood and can protect against a range of diseases and chronic illnesses such as mood disorders and depression. Adequate amounts of Vitamin D can ease the winter anhedonia.

While we naturally produce this vitamin in our bodies through sun exposure & diet, it can be extremely difficult to maintain sufficient levels in the body. Research shows that an alarming number of American teens and adults are deficient in this “sunshine” vitamin. Another contributor of deficiency is that the skin’s ability to make vitamin D lessens with age. This means we need to intake most of the vitamin through diet alone, specifically from fatty fish, or dairy; which can be tricky for the average American, vegans or those with dietary intolerance, and even just the average America diet.

The good news is that La Chelé offers Vitamin D in both injectable and prescription pill form. It’s recommended to treat around once a month due to Vitamin D’s fat solubility; it can stored within the body’s’ fat cells for about a month before it needs to be replaced. (Water soluble vitamins typically remain in the system for around a week before they need to be replaced.) This sunshine shot can easily be administered by one of our highly trained Medical Assistants or providers at either of our locations. Vitamin D shots take less than 10 minutes, are easy to add-on to any service and best of all there’s no required maintenance, diet changes, added sun exposure or downtime. With something as easy as an injection once a month, come try a new kind of, ‘Happy Hour Shot’ with us at La Chelé that will elevate your mood and well-being, without the hangover!