Defy Lift® for MEN

The Defy Lift® is a male cosmetic procedure utilizing dermal fillers that are designed to enhance the profile by creating a stronger, more defined jawline resulting in a more chiseled appearance.

Although both men and women want a tight neck in profile and a smooth defined jawline, the ideal shapes of those structures are different between a man and a woman. A man’s jaw is stronger, more defined, and more square than a woman’s. A woman’s neck is often much tighter in profile than a man’s. These subtle aesthetic differences must be considered when performing procedures like this so the desired look is successfully achieved.

Structural Volumizing.

With over a decade of mastering the art of injectables, Lisa Espinoza, MD trademarked an innovative minimally invasive facial contouring techniques she calls the ‘Defy Lift®‘, which is based on a “structural volumizing” philosophy. In the aging process, volume and structure are what is gradually lost and absorbed by our bodies.

The Defy Lift® is a simple 30 minute anesthesia-free procedure that replenishes lost volume and restores youthful facial contours. The uniqueness of the Defy Lift is that it not only revives the ideal youthful shape, but also enhances and beautifies the natural features making the procedure suitable for persons of all ages. It highlights the cheekbone region, revives the under eye area and defines the jawline and upper neck instantly.

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