Laser Leg Vein Treatment

Though sclerotherapy is considered the first line and gold standard treatment for spider veins, Nd:Yag lasers are not to be forgotten in the treatment of persistent and frustrating leg veins. Here at La Chelé we offer laser therapy with our Cynosure Icon 1064+ for sole or dual therapy with sclerotherapy for the best possible treatment of telangiectasias on the legs.  Laser treatment for leg veins is ideal for patients who are needle phobic or whose veins are too small for injection.

During your treatment, your legs will be cleansed and a gel will be applied to the veins that are being treated. This procedure has minimal discomfort and may cause bruising so don’t plan any leg modeling photo shoots for a few days! Your legs may initially look worse before they get better. Your provider will instruct you to use compression stockings after the laser therapy for a few days after treatment. We sell medical grade Sigvaris compression stockings here or you may bring your own. Laser vein therapy typically requires multiple sessions to diminish the veins and achieve the results you are seeking. Your provider will assess your legs and help you determine the right plan of care including laser, sclerotherapy or a combination of both. Call La Chelé Medical Aesthetics to book your complimentary consultation today! 267-753-7676.