The Real Truth.

Why Choose La Chele Medical Aesthetics for your Dermal Filler Needs?

You Get What You Pay For

While Groupon offers a great deal for massages, it should bring great concern to you, the consumer, for medical injections of a product into your FACE. The face defines you as a person and should not be performed by non-established or pop up places. Many are not aware, that Groupon can at times take 40% of the profit from the practice—leaving no profit to the practitioner or negative profit if indeed the products they are using are real or the provider is legally practicing medicine.   This has led to the growing rate of illegal black market of fake/counterfeit Botox and Fillers in the U.S.. Every year, hundreds of illegally run facilities have been raided and shut down for the dispensing of these illegal Botox products produced in warehouses of Tiawan and China, that can be laced with unpurified, toxic compounds.  The “injectors” are told they are made in “Canada” (which of course would still be illegal to purchase) and with a little greed,  end up on our streets.   Always ensure that your provider is registered with the manufacturers Allergan and Galderma and remember what your mother advised, that “if it sounds to good to be true… it probably is!”

At La Chele Medical Aesthetics we pride ourselves on never being the most expensive or least expensive. We have Rewards Programs that have been nationally recognized as one of the most successful in providing savings to all of our patients. La Chele Medical Aesthetics is a very busy, organized practice and we are proud to rank in the select few of Top 200 highest injectable volume practices year after year.


Fillers are very much an art form. Similar to sculpting, having an eye to know where and how much to inject takes years of practice. Dr. Espinoza and her team of skillful injectors have dedicated their lives to the art of injecting. As one of the busiest injectable practices in the United States we have performed successfully more filler injections then most. Being an all female team that uses these products on ourselves, we have an aesthetic eye to the natural beauty in what the everyday woman and man is looking for— a refreshed look that is not fake or overdone.  Each of us has an artistic background, with a passion in beauty. Our job is not to just “fill faces” but to truly look for each individuals natural beauty, enhance it and then preserve it. We refuse to conform to one company’s line of fillers, as each filler FDA approved in the United States has its own unique properties that might suite one face or area of the face better than another. It would be like painting a masterpiece with only one shade of red.


Fillers are safe, but much safer in professionally trained hands. Proper sterilization techniques are critical which runs a huge risk for nonmedical facilities administering these treatments. La Chele Medical Aesthetics is a state of the art facility that stops at nothing to ensure only the latest technology and best supplies are used.  A decade ago, Dr. Espinoza was one of first registered users of cannulas in the U.S. Cannulas provide 70% less bruising in many parts of the face and ensure that extra level of safety – many injectors this day and age do not use Cannulas as part of their treatment protocols.


Out of 20,000 presumed aesthetics injectors, Lisa Espinoza MD is 1 of only 150 physicians in the United States honored to act as a trainer of other physicians for the makers of Botox®, Dysport®, Restylane® & Juvederm® line of products. With this comes extensive training, protocols, and testing that only qualified trainers are held to such standards. The patients of La Chele Medical Aesthetics are in the best of hands with the latest techniques of injection treatments as Dr. Espinoza and her team of La Chele Medical Providers travel all over the United States to receive the top-tier of training methods.