For most women, jawline and chin contouring is desired to camouflage an unfortunate genetically recessed chin or to camouflage a jowl that it rearing its ugly head. For our male patients it is to structure, define and accentuate a masculine profile. Teeth, bone, muscle, fat and skin all age in this high movement area.  Managing your dentition as you age, is an important reason to keep your dental visits! Just as important, is dermal filler, to manage the fat and bone loss in the lower third of your face.  Excess skin, fat and muscle that becomes lax throughout the years, can be lifted and supported by hyaluronic acid.

How do I know if filler is the right option for me?

Upon your initial consultation, we take aesthetic facial proportion measurements to determine if your chin is recessed, the severity of your jowls and the sharpness of your gonial angle (jawline).  Depending upon the amount of fat and bone loss in these areas, is how your aesthetic provider will determine the amount of filler that you may need.  Balancing facial proportions will create your individual, customized most beautiful self-profile!

What types of filler do you use at your practice?

All of the fillers at our practice have the best safety profile, are biodegradable, natural and reversible!  Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar substance found in the body already and therefore, almost impossible to have an allergic reaction.  It acts as, “fake fat” to give you the contour, structure and hydration that your skin so desperately needs back as we age!  A conservative approach will always keep you looking like yourself and maintaining youthful beauty.  In the event that you did not like an end result, all of our fillers are fully reversible (which nobody ever does).

Which filler is best for chin or jawline?

Choosing the dermal filler best suited for your needs is based upon your skin type, the amount of volume loss you have and your goals.  At La Chele, we fortunately have almost every top filler in the U.S. at out fingertips, and all of our injectors are highly skilled in knowing the viscosity, flexibility and support each of them provide and how to choose what’s best for your individualized needs. As much as filler choice is taken into consideration, the skilled, artistic hand of your injector is what it all comes down to.

How long will filler last in chin or jawline?

The results from filler can vary from person to person depending upon your age, metabolism, if you smoke, your level of activity and also how much that is actually injected.  Filler is FDA approved from one to two years however, that is only if you’re doing two or more syringes.  Doing less filler will last a lesser amount of time.  However, some individuals may actually feel it lasts longer and longer for them throughout the years. Our bodies knows how to reabsorb Hyaluronic Acid but that rate at which it is metabolized, depends upon you!

Is filler safe?

Dermal filler is a medical procedure only to be administered by highly trained, qualified, insured, injectable artists.  At La Chele, our Medical Providers have the Medical Director of our practice, Dr. Lisa Espinoza, leading all protocols, providing advanced guidelines and the latest techniques and safety advances in the aesthetic industry.  Advanced technique trainings and courses keep us at the top of the industry being the top 1% of injectors in the country.

Allergic reactions are extremely rare, and we practice all safety measures day in and day out at our high volume injectable practice. Hyaluronic acid has an exceptional safety profile, when used in the correct hands, and is naturally produced in the body which makes it one of the safest injectable fillers.

Can I consult and treat on the same day?

Of course, but this is entirely up to you!  Our team of medical injectors provide free consultations to determine which of our treatments is best suited for your needs, providing you with same day detailed information and pricing.  If you have a desire to treat same day, simply let us know when you call the office to schedule.

Is it painful?

We will get you through it!  We have lots of tricks up our sleeves to make pain management as tolerable as possible.  We don’t want you to be in pain if you don’t have to be.  All of our hyaluronic acid fillers have lidocaine in them to help take the edge off and our proprietary numbing agent is stellar for the lip injections we all need and love!  We have sensory devices to distract your nerve endings, are aficionados when it comes to handling needles and our gentleness and experience is foremost to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Is there downtime after fillers?

The chin and jawline are very manageable dermal filler injections to receive. The pain is very minimal.  Typically, you will only feel a small pinch, and slight pressure.  Swelling is discreet and the likelihood for bruising is not elevated.  However, we can never say never to a bruise.  It actually depends greatly upon the individual.  We recommend stopping any blood thinning agent such as aspirin, fish oil or any supplements high in Omega 3’s that will likely increase the chance that you may have minor bruising approximately 7-10 days prior to your filler injection.  In the event that you do have swelling and/or bruising it will generally resolve within 24-48 hours although, may linger along with firmness throughout that 1st week and sometimes into the second week. Click here to see our tips and tricks to minimize bruising.

Am I the right age for fillers?

There is no right age for filler.  We all genetically will age at different rates, some faster than others depending upon your lifestyle and activity level.  Fillers decrease the signs of an aging face by replacing facial fat loss.  Our expert injectors will determine where you may have lost facial fat.  The can also determine the areas where you may see more shadowing or more fine lines and wrinkles and how much filler that is needed to soften these signs of aging that are bothering you.

What if I get filler and do not like the results?

In the rare event that you are unhappy with your filler, there is actually an enzyme that we can inject to dissolve it immediately, provided that it is a hyaluronic acid filler. Radiesse and Sculptra are not reversible but do bio-absorb by layer. We do not use any type of silicone fillers at our practice.  We want to be able to inject you as your face naturally ages.  Hyaluronic acid fillers have a slow absorption rate that still allows the natural aging process to continue. They slow down the aging process and help us to maintain a youthful appearance!

How much filler should I do?

Generally, you should need as many syringes as decades old that you are. This means that if you are 40, 4 syringes, 50, 5 syringes, et cetera. This all does not have to be done in one sitting, but building a foundation and then adding upon it, is a great place to start!  The amount of filler you choose to do generally, depends upon what your goals are.  Some start small, some go for more.  Certain areas such as the chin and jawline do require more filler, perhaps 3-4 syringes to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result.  We do strive for a natural look and the preservation of your authentic self.

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